Artwork by Samantha Youssef

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Perspective Drawing

Figure Drawing 1: Movement & Form
Figure Drawing 2: Anatomy
Figure Drawing 3: Portfolio

Animation 1
Animation 2
Animation 3
Animation 4

Private Mentoring 

tuition includes the following courses, as well as the materials I will need in order to complete the animation courses

Tuition - $7,000

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"You will need a peg bar, and a light box or animation table and disc. You will also need 12 field animation paper (make sure this is punched). You will also need HB-2B pencils, or col-erase pencils. You also will need to be able to line test your animation. This means compositing your drawings into a quicktime movie file. "

- Studio Technique

These are the materials that I will need in order to move forward with the animation courses. Click on each item from the list for more information.


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