First of all, thank you so much for being here. You're reading this because I have the opportunity to receive an education that I've always wanted in order to follow a lifelong dream of mine. However in order to make it happen, I need and would truly appreciate your support. I am hoping to raise a total of $7000 in order to cover the tuition costs, as well as supplies. My starting goal was $1500, which allowed me to begin taking classes. I'm now looking forward to continuing classes with your support and our next goal is $1500 for Figure Drawing 2: Anatomy! Please contribute by clicking on the DONATE button below. Anything you can give would truly be appreciated.

"my dream wouldn't be complete without you in it" - Tiana, the princess and the frog

As you may know, I’m an artist. More specifically, a Fashion Illustrator and I’ve had the incredible opportunity to sketch for brands like kate spade new york and Kendra Scott. What you may not know is that after seeing The Little Mermaid in theaters as a little girl, I began dreaming of becoming an animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios. Today, I still dream of learning and telling stories through hand-drawn animation.

Meet Marlon West

This summer I was approached by Disney's Head of Effects Animation, Marlon West, who's film credits include The Princess and the Frog, Moana and both Frozen and Frozen 2Marlon asked if I would do costume design for the lead female character in his animated short film, DRUM BATTLE

meet samantha youssef

Having little idea of what a costume designer for animation actually does, I accepted this unbelievable opportunity. I learned that as costume designer, I would work alongside Marlon to create the lead female characters' outfits/costumes, as well as her hair styles, makeup and accessories, all while balancing the scenes of the film with texture and color. I realized that in order to pull this off, I was going to need help. So I reached out to Samantha Youssef, a former Disney animator.

Samantha has animated for Disney feature films such as Bambi 2Enchanted and The Princess and the Frog. She is also the founder of Studio Technique and is the creator of The Youssef Drawing Syllabus, an elite figurative drawing program for professional and amateur animation artists.

After reaching out, Samantha ultimately decided to take me under her wing and to teach me everything she knows! With your help, I will receive a one-on-one mentorship, in addition to her entire animation program. We will start with my current project for Marlon West and then continue on until I'm making my own short films!

I am so thankful for these two incredible opportunities: to design costumes for the wonderful Disney animation artist, Marlon West on his short film, DRUM BATTLE, and to receive a once in a lifetime mentorship from former Disney animator, Samantha Youssef. These opportunities mean the world to me and each one is an open door to my future in animation.  I would be extremely grateful if you would contribute to my tuition costs by clicking on the DONATE button below. I truly appreciate your support.


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