Artwork by Samantha Youssef

Samantha Youssef is the founder of Studio Technique and the creator of The Youssef Drawing Syllabus, an elite figurative drawing program for animation artists. She is also the author of the book Movement & Form, the first volume of her three part drawing program.

Samantha has worked as a character animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios, as well as other feature film productions and was an award winner at the Toronto International Film Festival for her animated short film La Fuga Grande

She is also a former ballet dancer, and brings her understanding of dance and movement to her uniquely designed program. Her classical academic art background, along with her experience in feature film animation and the video game industry, has allowed her to create a unique program that offers specialized training to all varieties of artists within the animation industry.

Learn more about her program in the video below.

Artwork by Samantha Youssef

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