When I'm drawing, I'm in my happy place. I love to draw pretty things that celebrate beauty, style and color, and I'm obsessed with the idea of one day bringing my drawings to life through animation. Having these two unbelievable opportunities: designing costumes for Disney animation artist Marlon West on his short film, DRUM BATTLE, and receiving a once-in-a-lifetime mentorship from former Disney animator Samantha Youssef, means the world to me! I have three goals for 2020:

1. To become proficient in figure drawing and costuming.
2. To create a stunning Costume Design portfolio that could get me hired at Disney.
3. To begin learning hand-drawn animation.

Samantha has expressed that she would love to help me achieve all of these goals, starting with my current project for Marlon West and on to me making my own short films!  Having this education means more to me than many will ever know. It would allow me to gain the skills I need in order to be able to take on even more opportunities in animation.

Tuition for Samantha's drawing and animation program is where I need your assistance. With your help, I am hoping to raise a total of $7000 in order to cover the costs of each course, private mentoring, and materials. My starting goal was $1500, which allowed me to begin taking classes. I'm now looking forward to continuing classes with your support!

I would be so thankful if you would contribute to my tuition costs by clicking on the DONATE button below. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. If you are unable to give monetarily, please support me by signing up to my newsletter below, where I will be sharing monthly updates on everything from my fundraising status, animation course progress, films that I may be working on, personal projects and more! You will also have the opportunity to contribute in the future if now is not a good time.

Please see tuition information and materials list HERE.

On the donation page, you will be able to enter any amount that you’d like to give. All donations will go towards Jocquillin's Animation Tuition. Each donation goes into my PayPal account and after I've received enough for the next course, I will make a payment to Samantha. Once I’ve payed for a class, the later contributions will go towards future classes and supplies.

 Now that I've completed Figure Drawing 1, our new goal is $3000 for Figure Drawing 2. We just need $1300 to make it happen! 

"my dream wouldn't be complete without you in it."
Thank you to:
Tiffany, Miranda, Emily, Colin, Crystal, Kristen, Cynthia, Amy, Gretchen, Mario, Misha, and Caitlyn.

How far do we have to go?

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I would be extremely grateful if you would contribute to my tuition costs by clicking on the DONATE button below. Anything you can give would truly be appreciated.